Monday, June 7, 2010

Camping Trip Day 2-3

After spending a day in town and playing tourist, it was time to hit the woods and start the camping trip. On Saturday we packed up all the cars with our gear and headed out the road towards to Methodist Camp at Eagle River. We had set a departure time for noon and we were actually ready ahead of time!

We stopped for lunch at the Shrine of St Therese and managed to snag a couple of picnic tables right on the water so that we could enjoy the view. I had looked into booking a couple of the cabins here for our camping trip but wasn't able to find a weekend that worked with our schedules.

The view of the Chilkat Range was spectacular and getting everyone willing to move on to the next spot was tough.

Here is my sister Lori with her kids Naomi and Zac - this is actually one of a series of images which consisted mostly of a lot of goofing around pictures!

As many of you know, Boy Scout Beach is one of our favorite places to spend time so we were very pleased that we could show it off. As with the previous two days, the weather was incredible and it truly felt like we were at the beach.

Too bad this wasn't the week for the bird survey that we do monthly, with this large group we could really spread out and cover the beach from water's edge to the high tide mark.

The group on the beach!

Skunk cabbage leaves bigger than Bella!

We've just added our pictures to a shared flickr account and have over 800 images to review. We were able to get them all uploaded and shared within a couple of days. God bless digital cameras!

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