Monday, June 21, 2010

I think someone heard this tree fall

We had some wind last weekend - we've had stronger winds but it was enough to blow down one of three maple trees. It was the one in the middle so now we are digging out the stump to make room for a new tree. We decided to go with a white flowering crabapple tree to add some variation and color.

It is supposed to eventually look like this:

But there's that ol' stump. Anyone have any good MacGyver tricks? We don't have all of our tools yet, no chain saw, chains, pickaxe...dynamite. We dug for awhile and then tried to move it with a tow strap and the Yukon. Didn't budge. Broke the strap. Didn't break a window or get a black eye from standing too close.

I'm think that after a little more digging that maybe I'd rather have the new tree about a foot to the right of the old stump. That way it isn't too linear...yep.

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