Friday, June 25, 2010

Don't you just love the Growing Season!

I got a very late start on planting vegetables this year. This is my first attempt in SE Alaska. Yesterday morning when I took the garbage can over to the street for the weekly pickup (yep - curbside!) I walked by my little garden area and saw nice rich dirt. When I left the hours 12 hours later I found new seedlings reaching for the sky! WOOT!!! (That's a quarter, by the way)

I've got some lettuce, greens and parsley planted in a couple of pots.

And I just planted carrots, radishes and some beans by seed and picked up a cilantro and rosemary plant for this spot.

I'm experimenting with adding some flowers to the bank by the water - I really expect them to slide down and be washed away but I'm hopeful that I found enough crannies in the rock for a secure stronghold. We'll see!

But what I'm really excited about is getting the chance to wear my new rainboots. I got them several weeks ago in Fairbanks and have been waiting for the opportunity to give them a try.

and what really strikes me about this picture is how much the creek rocks at the bottom of the stream looks so similar to my granite counter top in the kitchen!


Tim said...

That's NOT the counter top?

Heidi Olson said...

opps - one of my pictures didn't load correctly - check out the added picture of the bogs...on the blog :)

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