Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Yukon Re-Run

I just finished reading, Yukon Re-Run by Mary Hervin and Karen Martinsen. This memoir is a recollection of a trip along the Yukon River that Mary Hervin and Phyllis James Kingsbury took 42 years after their original journey. Their first journey began in 1941 from Juneau when they were 20-year olds. They motored and rowed a 17-foot skiff from Juneau to Skagway and then loaded the skiff on the train to Lake Lebarge. They the rowed across the lake and entered the Yukon river ending up at Circle City after 5 weeks on the river. What an adventure for just young adventurous girls. Sections talk about the people they met along the river and all the stops that they made. What must have some of those early homesteaders thought of these two young ladies showing up at their doorstep! I just can't get over the spirit of adventure that these ladies had in striking out on their own into an unknown, naturally dangerous environment. Even thought I grew up here I'm still struck by what people are capable of doing if they just have the guts to try.

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