Sunday, February 18, 2007

First out of town visitor

We had our first out of town visitor this Sunday - Lillian from Fairbanks - YEA! We had a great visit with her and since she used to live in Juneau she gave us a personalized tour of downtown. Lillian met Cappy, a permanent fixture on the deck. Cappy says, "hey, where's my pipe?" Cappy likes company!

We had a nice breakfast at the Sandpiper Cafe, (aka where the Fiddlehead used to be). They have replaced the waiting area with more seating and we didn't have to wait very long for a table. Breakfast sounded pretty good to all of us: Lillian had mushroom and cheese omelet, I had ham and roma tomato omelet, and Tim had the special which was a scramble with fresh motz, ham, romas and green onions. Unlike the old fiddlehead there weren't any freshly baked breads or pastries but the breakfast was pretty good and the service was pretty good too. We did have to wait a while to get the credit card back from the waitress but figured Nordstroms wasn't that close by and we didnt' see anyone dashing out the door or coming back in with major purchases. So a definate place to go back to.

Tim had lunch here last week with a group from work and thought the lunch was good. The menu was varied and being with a larger group the service was pretty good. I think he had a hamburger and fries (those waffle type). The restauteurs must have gotten together in deciding hamburger prices because the price was similar to TK's at the Prospector! (CDE Note: I don't think the waitress chased them down outside the restaurant!)

So don't forget to include Juneau in your future traveling plans – Cappy will be here to greet you too!

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Noooo! Did the Fiddlehead close?!?

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