Monday, February 12, 2007

Opera To Go!

We attended the Opera "Arctic Magic Flute" this weekend and really enjoyed the "alaskan" adaptation of this Mozart opera. It was held at the Convention Center–I'm guessing that theatre space in this town is at a premium. It was very enjoyable and had the chair been more like theatre seating it would have been so much more comfortable! The scenery was inventive, the storyline was delightful, and the singing was very enjoyable for a town this size. I think a few key characters were brought in for the occasion to help round out the local talent. My understanding is that the show will be taken to Anchorage and to Kotzebue where the main story-teller is from. I would recommend seeing the show if it comes to a theatre near you. Its so nice to be able to attend opportunities like this.

Opera To Go

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Tim said...

The show is on the road this week. The bassist in the orchestra works with me and she is traveling with the show. (she is also our neighbor)
The most interesting venue would be Kotzebue. One of the lead males is from the NW Arctic area.

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