Monday, February 19, 2007

pillow power

We found that furniture is expensive here and we haven't found advertisements for moving or garage sales. I suspect that since the shopping options are limited people sell things to friends or by word of mouth. I also think that unlike the Fairbanks area where there is more military activity that there aren't as many families moving in and out. In anticipation of our future visits from family and friends I found some pillow forms that were on sale. I found some nice upholstery fabric that I don't think will leave indentions for "pillow face" in case you happen to fall asleep because you're so comfy. Of course I gravitated towards the most expensive material and it wasn't on sale but I figure that you're worth it!

A lot of the inspiration was blown when I got everything home and remembered that I didn't pack my sewing machine. So what would have taken just a few minutes to complete with the machine I toiled for several hours hand-sewing semi-straight seams. I figured out a way to do only three seams so it really wasn't that bad. I made sure to double stitch the seams in case a pillow fight ensued. For some reason I had Kelsie and Logan in mind when I did this!

So just another reason to come visit!

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