Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Walk to Treadwell Mine Area

The Treadwell Mine area is right above Sandy Beach which is just a short walk from the house. Tim's brother Marc has taken us here in the summer and you can easily see the remains of the old buildings and equipment used for this prosperous mine. The trail is a bit icy right now but we took a walk on part of the trail and then found ourself down on the beach.

There are remnants of the the work that was done all over the beach and throughout the forest. It'll be fine to go back again this summer and do more exploring.

I think the trail goes quite a way down the island. We are hoping to maybe find some good fishing spots. It'll make a really fun bike ride when the trails clear up a bit.

I've put a few more pictures of the beach area in flickr -look at the ho-juneau photo set or use "treadwell" as the search tag.

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