Friday, June 1, 2007

New Digs at CDE

With not very much notice my office in Fairbanks is moving to a new space. They are packing and moving this week while waiting for the phones and internet to be put in. It all happened pretty fast and seemed to happen at a very busy time. I had already gotten rid of most of my stuff in January but I packed up my desktop and misc equipment and tried to pack up some of the general office supplies while I was in town last week.

The new office is located just down the road on University Avenue South - the old Bower's building on the corner of Davis Road. We'll again be split on two different floors with the bookstore being housed on the first floor close to a loading dock. The rest of us will be on the second floor working within cubicles and/or glassed-in offices some with outside windows. So good bye Hot Licks, hello…

Here's one of the design team spots – I think it fits Sage nicely!

And a spot reserved for me:

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