Monday, November 22, 2010

November 23, 1911

Flo's Diary:

A 5 o'clock breakfast and out on the road (40° below). for our last day's ride on trail. Quite dark. Pass thru Indian Village – over slough on a flat country. Pass telegraph Station 7. Jog thru lanes of snow covered trees – beautiful. Dinner at Byler's. Eat my 1st rabbit. Met other out bound stage. See smoke of Fairbanks then wireless station and soon I am standing on seat to see the flag on school house thru haze. Saw most gorgeous sunset ever seen – golden. Typical of Golden North. Point out brewery next. Cabins begin to appear and soon we turn a corner and enter Cushman Street. Am welcomed to Fairbanks by Simsons. Long street thru main part of town. Some very pretty homes, large stores – arrived at stage office – get out of wagon enter stage. Meet Mr. Charles. Bid good-bye to Simsons. go with Capt to Shaw house – while registering Marcella comes in with x.x.x. tickled most to death. Go to her cabin. Cozy. Meet Heacocks, next door people. Invited there for Thanksgiving dinner. Go downtown. Met the butcher and several others. supper. Bath. Clean up. Bed about 10.

Image of Byler's Roadhouse - gotten love those hand-painted post cards! This sled is close to the sled that my Great Aunt used.

Hooray - She has made it to Fairbanks!

According to the details on this image, here is a picture of downtown Fairbanks, including the Shaw House

Fairbanks 1913

This image came from a photo album that Flo's sister kept. Great Aunt Gladys didn't come to Alaska until about 1918. I'm sure that just in those few short years her travel to the interior were quite different!

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