Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November 3, 1911

From Flo's diary:

Passed thru Queen Charlotte sound during night – rough – boat rolled. No sea sick yet. Stewardess brought me breakfast. Up at 8. clear. Beautiful scenery. Passage like a river with tree clad hills on either side. See some snow on hills - waterfalls. Pass cannery and lumber camp. Write letters & cards. Noon: 510 miles north of Seattle. Walked deck with Mr. Clark. Played whist with Capt. v.s. Mrs Wallace and Mr Clark. Read. Wrote. Dinner. Saw gambling. Feel dizzy so go to bed at 8. Pass thru Ketchikan as 12 midnight. Poke head out of window. Clear and cool.

I found this image of a cold storage facility called the Skeena in Queen Charlotte Islands near Prince Rupert.

1912 Fortmann Salmon Hatchery - one of the largest salmon hatcheries
1911 Historic Ketchikan postcard image.

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