Tuesday, November 23, 2010

November 24, 1911

Flo's Diary:

Awake in Fairbanks - Hurrah! Up and eat and fly to school (old times) Meet Miss Gilmer, princ. Mrs. Sea, Miss Fairburn and rest of teachers and pupils. Visit and then come home. Wash dishes – sew. Go to school and get Marca – Meet Mr. Condit, Presby min. Mr. Drury. Girls go to practice play. Mr Drury and Mr Green come and fix pipe. Visit awhile. Write letters.

This image is from Juneau, but I bet it was the same Mr. Condit!

Here is the schedule that she must have carried along with her to keep track of where she was, where she was going and how much the accommodates and boarding cost. At the bottom she has $63.50 - this much have included the Chitina stay as well.

I have no idea about the calculations on the back of the card.

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Marc Olson said...

Heidi, I have enjoyed reading your Aunt's travel diary. I know that there is more interesting stuff in your family history and that you have a lot of documentation and photos. Maybe you can publish some more in the blog. It's really interesting.

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