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November 15, 1911

Flo's Diary:

Flo's Diary:

Awake early - 5 - up at 5:30. Dress on bed. Don’t wash my face - put cold cream on it. Breakfast. Get ready and mount in wagon for our journey. Sore already but ready for more bumps. Go thru along lanes lined with trees. fir and cottonwoods. Saw 3 white rabbits run across the road. A black raven follows us a long ways. Eat dinner at Willow Creek Roadhouse (rotten) Meet Mr. Tozier of Fairbanks. Tells of Marcella and Miss Miller. Get in wagon and bumps - oh my - one of the roughest parts of the road. Get another beautiful view of Mts. Long ice pinnacles on trees - very beautiful. Go down hill - cross Klutina river and center Copper Center. Change watches back an hour Nicest roadhouse so far. Splendid dinner. Have an interesting talk with proprietor. They say he is drunk but very courteous and thotful. Men play solo. Bed early.

Luckily, the Copper Center hotel wasn't like the one photographed here in about 1900.

But later, sometime after 1915-16, this image looks pretty nice.

And this would have been a site to see: Angora Goats!

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Thank you for Sharing this travel with us. It is great. You sure have done a lot of research. The pictures make it all come true.


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