Wednesday, November 17, 2010

November 18, 1911

Flo's Diary:

Awakened by “7 o’clock folks” and 20 min till breakfast. Hurry to dress, eat and get ready. First great jolt rec’d was plunking down $7 for 3 meals and bunk. Dark when started. Snow, the welcome snow, small fine flakes. But the real thing. 1st 10 miles rough. Dinner at Meier’s R.H. good - $2 for meals or lunches. Big flock of white ptarmigans. Change to sled. Up hill and on over lake Gulkana. Fine ride stinging cold wind blowing snow. Indian legend - Big fish swallowed Indian - Moose and raft. So never go out on lake. Came to Paxon’s R.H. for night. Meet Judge Wickersham. Nice place. Bed early as have a 5 o’clock breakfast.

Meier's Roadhouse - According to this report, Charles Meier was a cook for Alvin Paxson at Paxson's Timberline Roadhouse (mile 192) before opening up his own roadhouse at mile 174
Paxson's Roadhouse – mile 191
$7 in 1911 is equivalent to about $73 in 2010.

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