Monday, November 15, 2010

November 16, 1911

Flo's Diary:

Up at 6. Awaken by tap on door. Fine sleep. In stage by 7. Get a splendid view of Mt Wrangell smoking. Also of Mts Sanford, Blackburn and Drum. 20° below. About 1 mile on north side of Copper Center – see Copper River steaming. When crossing over the Kuskuslena (Klutina?) river my nose froze. Mrs. Simpson rubbed it with snow. All right afterwards. White rabbit again. Go down a steep and dangerous hill. Find road all morning. Stop at Dry Creek Roadhouse for noon. Grouse to eat. Rough road. 10 miles. Go thru lanes of cotton wood - willow and fir. On high table land. Come down hill to river Gulkana. Have to get out as bridge isn’t very strong and walk 1/4 mile to roadhouse. Very pleasant. Met out bound stage, several passengers One B.G. Splendid supper Talk with Mrs. Hoyt - roadhouse lady. Bed early.

Historic Eruptions from Mt Wrangell
Image of Smokin' Mt Wrangell
Image of Dry Creek Roadhouse
History of Gulkana - this was (and is still today) a junction where roads/trails meet
Image of Gulkana Roadhouse

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