Sunday, January 21, 2007

Arriving in Juneau

The slush fell all night and it was pretty messy in Haines. Glad we made it when we did because we've heard that the pass was closed. Most of the snowgo guys were stuck and trying to get their rooms back for another night's stay.

There were white caps on the water and the wind was blowing. It didn't look like it was going to be a great boat ride but we had little choice. We got in line to get on the ferry and waited for about 45 minutes or so. As we were driving on the ferry you could see how rough the waves were - I was getting kind of nervous. After parking we grabbed our stuff and headed up to the passenger deck. We found seats in the front that were pretty comfortable. They had a monitor set up so you could see the map with the course plotted out and the headings. It was quite interesting. Plus it wasn't rough at all. It was a quick 2+ hours and we arrive in Auke Bay seeing a whale's tail and to sunshine and NO snow. It wasn't even slushy or wet. Things are looking up!

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