Wednesday, January 24, 2007

We found it!

We move in tomorrow with our sleeping bags and soap and shampoo samples we've taken from the hotel! More pictures to follow when we get a chance to be there in the daylight.

The house has three bedrooms, a loft, lots of windows, a garage, and a huge deck. The cool thing is that it is waterfront... right on Gastineau Channel. Well, really more than just waterfront... we're calling it the "Pier House." The living room and deck are out over the water. The cruise ships and fishing boats will go by right in front of our windows, and the guy next door claims he catches silver salmon off of the deck at high tide.
We'll see.

The point is -- that if you PLAN to visit us in Juneau, you should come while we live in this house. It may be the coolest place we will live. It's in a small neighborhood (town of Douglas) across the channel from downtown and it's near one of our favorite place, Sandy Beach a beach park that actually has sand and a community park with baseball fields (Rune) and volleyball courts (Robyn) and a place to kayak (Tisha) and a community library (Melody).. There is a small cafe and a pub (Dennis) within a couple of blocks. But, it's only about five minutes from downtown and Tim's office. There extra parking for boats and stuff but well we just spent the boat money on an extra bedroom and windows.


Anonymous said...

Way cool Heidi. Glad you found a place so quick. I think this is an excellent location for a "home office". Now, will you be able to concentrate with the wonderful view of the water? :-)- Shauna

Bernard Von Poobely said...

What a sweet abode! Right on the waterfront...lucky :)

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