Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Hello Big Trees

We haven't really had a chance to get out into the woods yet but hope to do so this weekend. But from past visits I know that the trees are big, dense, and mossy. One of our favorite areas is on North Douglas Island at False Outer Point. There's a great boardwalk that goes through the trees to the gravel beach. Last time we were out there we noticed that they had added several new trails so that will be fun to explore.

Thanks to the advice of Susan and Lillian we're looking for the 90 Trails of Juneau book which should give us more opportunities.

So far in these 3 full days that we'v been here in Juneau we've had sun, rain, wind, snow, slush and all with 20 minutes or so.

A highlight of the day for me was finding a yarn store just down from the hotel and right across the parking lot from a quilting store (yeah for Roxi and Lori!). The yarn store is called Skeins Fine Yarn and I think they have a second store downtown but I haven't been down there yet! From the window it looked like a very nice store. The quilting store is called RainTree Quilts. Maybe they'll have a class that my sister would be interested in taking so they would come and visit me!

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Unknown said...

You have to take your camera to the yarn store so we can see it!

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