Monday, January 29, 2007

Needles to die for

So did you know that I have a very talented brother-in-law who has made me some incredible wooden knitting needles. Yes, that’s right, Dennis turned these for me for Christmas. They are so beautiful and I can’t wait to use them because surely they must produce an equally beautiful product, no? So all you nieces–ha! Get in line to wait for yours! I’m thinking that between Dennis’ woodcraftmanship and Roxi’s quilting abilities they can retire and start up their own needle and needle sock company and live happily doing what they both love. I’ll have to have another beer before I can come up with a good business name. Ok, how about Doxi Needles and Custom Carrying Cases or Knit Kits…guess I’ll keep working on it.

Did I mention that the needles are sitting on our new couch?

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Anonymous said...

Your new couch looks comfortable. Dennis says that the darker colored needles are kokobola and the lighter ones are tulip wood. You don't need fancy needles - you knit fabulously!

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