Monday, January 29, 2007

Restaurant Review #2

Seong‘s Sushi Bar and Chinese Takeout – this is right across from the Federal Building where out po box is located. We decided take out was in order and since Tim doesn’t eat Sushi or shellfish, our options were a little bit limited so we chose some Kung Pao Chicken and Veggie Sukiyaki. We were the last order for the night so I think they gave us all the food prepped in the kitchen. The chicken was very spicy and after a serving that’s about all I could manage. Even thought it was pretty spicy (they much have had extra chili pepper they had to use up). The sukiyaki was very good and we enjoyed the steamed rice to go with. Although the price per order was a little high, there was a ton of food and plenty of leftovers for a couple of lunches. I noticed on the board that they had some reasonable lunch specials so that may an alternative in the future.

Homemade bread baked by one of Tim’s new co-workers, Terry, was delivered over the weekend and it was delicious! It was delivered still warm and it didn’t last too long. We don’t have anything bigger than a pockets knife so we just pulled off chunks. Yummy!

Henry’s Food and Spirits – Mendenhall Mall – now this is definitely more like Sourdough Sam’s on a weekend! We had a good hearty breakfast with perfectly formed hash brown potatoes wedges, bacon strips that aren’t made from turkey like we have at home sometimes, and an older lady with a perfect hairdo walking around filling up the coffee cups. Members of the Juneau Riding Club were there and it looked like they were having a meeting although I don’t remember seeing any motorcycles in the parking lot – just a lot of pickup trucks. A man at the next table ordered a burger and it looked pretty good so as soon as we try all the other restaurants in town and go back the Henry’s maybe I’ll try the burger. After note: I had no idea that Henry's was also a bar - I must have been facing the wrong direction in our booth.

Canton House - Carol, Christen, Curt, and I had lunch here last June and I thought it was pretty good then so Tim and I tried it out for lunch. The interior is really lovey with lots of wood and "tile" look. I love the waterfall down the wall sound that's so soothing. We had a nice lunch from the lunch specials: the terriyaki beef was really tender and tasty–not too salty. I had the four seasons which was described as slivered veggies in a spicy sauce. It was slivered veggies, onions, green pepper, a couple of carrots and a few mushrooms and a delicious sauce. I'm not much for green pepper and onions so I probably won't order that again but the leftovers will be very good over some pork chops that we got today at the market. They just openned a sushi bar which is really beautiful I can't wait for Zac to come to town so we can go.

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