Tuesday, January 23, 2007

restaurant review #1

So far we've had three meals out - we've chosen restaurants we could walk to from the hotel. On Sunday night we had dinner at Mi Casa over at the Travelodge. Pretty good margarita (not as good as yours, though Dennis) and alright Mexican food. We have both eaten here before on past trips and its kinda hit and miss on the food. I think if you go with the specials you're usually not disappointed. I had a taco salad with very little lettuce which is what I craved after eating sandwiches and snacks on our road trip. Tim a hard shell taco, cheese enchiladas, and a dinner salad instead of the beans. I think each of these came with shredded lettuce so he got plenty of greens (which he shared) : ) It might be awhile before we come back.

Monday night we found ourselves downtown looking at property so we stopped by the Hangar on the Wharf in the building that Tim's dad used to work in when it was Alaska Costal Airlines. We had some good beers (Zac they have Uqell and Artois here) and I had a BBQ beef rib and Tim had a filet. Both were good (mine was better) and cooked very well. I especially liked the steamed broccoli and the jalapeno potatoes au gratin. Just enough jalapeno to let you know its there. We were stuffed. This might be the best restaurant in town.

We had lunch out today at Donna's Restaurant - a near perfect replica of Sam's Sourdough Cafe. We had lunch but I think its probably the place to go for breakfast which we may do someday if we're around this neighborhood again.

We walked over to Jovany's Italian Restaurant where they serve Italian, Greek, Mexican, and Chinese. We decided to stick with the Italian since that's what the specials were. I think we chose well and we have enough for lunch tomorrow. I had the canniloni and Tim had Chicken Parm along with a salad bar (not the Turtle Club's salad bar but it was decent). Don't expect to get a nice glass of wine or an imported beer here. The pizza that other tables ordered looked good too. We'll come back again, I'm sure.

I'm looking forward to trying every eatery at least once!


Anonymous said...

Keep those restaurant reviews coming - makes me miss good 'ol Juneau and I might get down there sooner for a visit. Also, there's the vicarious thrill for those who haven't got the local selection of cuisines....less it's homemade of course. Glad things are going well on the new adventure. Keep loving every bite!

Bernard Von Poobely said...

hit and miss mexican food in alaska is pretty good. haven't had as much luck in fairbanks i'm afraid - its mostly miss imao.

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