Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Home Sweet Home

There have been a lot of requests for pictures of the house. We haven't been home much during the day, and there were a few foggy days that didn't seem too picturesque. Today, the sun is bright and the weather is warm.

So, here is a a shot of the house, downtown Juneau and Mt Roberts across the channel. Right across the channel is where they unload all the freight barges so we've been keeping an eye out for all of our stuff thats supposed to be here anyday now. This image is the view from our deck looking south down the channel.

There are also a few other photos that we've added to our flickr account and look at the ho-juneau set.

We stopped out at Auke Village Rec area again because it was so beautiful. The Chilkat Mts were just spectacular. We also took a drive farther Out the Road to Eagle Beach and plan to come back over the weekend. There's miles and miles of walking to do here. If its not completely wet out we'll come back and spend the day. Along the way we stopped at Amalga Harbor which is about 22 miles Out the Road. We spotted some kind of whales breaching and some sea lions bobbing around in the waves. Didn't get any pictures because they were too far away for our little camera.


Unknown said...

Your pics are beautiful. What inspiring views to have so close to home! I'd also like to note that you don't appear to be freezing your buns off.

naomi lynn said...

I'll be visiting soon!
I miss Alaska when I see pics like these.

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