Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sandy Beach

We can walk to some nice places from our new home. One block south is the Douglas Harbor. Beyond that is Sandy Beach which has for many year been one of our favorite places to walk in the Juneau area. It is also the favorite of many Juneau canine residents.

There are always a lot of happy dogs running around and retrieving tennis balls, frisbees, sticks, logs, etc. The tide was lower today than any time we had before been to Sandy Beach and there were a lot of people out enjoying the nice weather... with their dogs. Its fun to see them freak out on the beach without being on a lead.Some of them just go spastic running back and forth, sniffing everything, some acting pretty cocky until a bigger dog comes around. We know that our friends Tipper, Ally, Echo, Sarge, Lulu, Tango and Bambi (but probably not Kona) would love it and would want to be on Sandy Beach with us all of the time.

We didn’t ask but our landlord has a dog so I’m guess that we could have dog guests come with their owners if that appeals to anyone!


Anonymous said...

Who is that cute blonde?

®osie said...

OMG that looks so AWESOME! Yes - Sarge would go absolutely BONKERS if he were allowed off leash and I have never brought him to the water (yet) but I bet he'd love it! And.. never been to Juneau...

Anonymous said...

She sure would love to visit you all because, as you know, she LOVEs to slip that lead and RUN FOR HER LIFE!

All these pictures of Juneau on sunny days are making me long for the wet life again, go on, you can't kid me, it doesn't look like that but on the ODD days. It's fun to see the old town through your new eyes. Glad you're enjoying the adventure. Susan

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