Friday, June 22, 2007

Birds from the Deck

We've added a new bird from the deck: a Harlequin Duck. You can see these sea ducks all winter along the coast, especially down by Auke Bay. They nest in the woods along rushing waters. You can see them in the interior along the Chena River, usually along the small streams that run down from the mountains and drain into the Chena. We've seen several of them along the Granite Tors trail and now that they have added that trail to make it a shorter loop I bet the chances of seeing them more often have increased. Remember Melody when we saw our very first one – you were with us when we had our bonfire on the riverbank the summer after you turned 21? and Tim and I were so excited we almost fell out of our camp chairs. Well guess what - we were almost as excited this time!

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