Monday, June 25, 2007

Sunny Day at Saint Therese

It was a beautiful day when we visited the Shrine of Saint Therese. The wind, which is often very strong here, was just a gentle breeze and the tulips and other bulb flowers were still in blossom accompanied by the wildflowers that were beginning to show their flowers. It was one of those rare blue-sky Juneau days that have become quite familiar to us so far this year.

As we walked around the grounds you would hear the humpback whales breaching along the coast and you would see the silver flashes of the herring in the shallower waters. We watched for awhile but as the crowd grew the whales must have felt our presence and moved on to quieter waters.

This is truly a special sanctuary that if given more time than our brief visit allowed, could provide one with plenty of opportunities for reflection and meditation.

To quote a friend's observation while walking around the stone chapel and the stations of the cross, even the devil's club finds refuge at the shrine!

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Shredword said...

My wife and I visited there in 2004. We found it to be the spookiest creepiest place on earth. We couldn't get out of there fast enough. That place is eerie.

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