Monday, June 11, 2007

More Birding news

We have a couple of new birds to add to our birding lists this week:

From the deck we saw Pigeon Guillemot swimming in the channel. The red feet are a quick way to identify them.

We went on the last of the spring migration Audubon walks on Saturday. It was out the Amalga trail heading toward Eagle Glacier. WOW - what a beautiful trail. It started out going along the Eagle River and then headed up and over into a meadow area filled with fresh water (so I guess it was really a fresh-water marsh). We were looking for a Virginia Rail and Sora which have both been seen in this area in year's past but we never did see them.

We did see a Common Yellowthroat after searching for awhile which is a new bird for us. We also saw a humming bird (probably a Rufous), Red-breasted Sapsuckers, Lincoln's and Song Sparrow, Mallard, and a few mosquitoes.

There's a National Forest Cabin at the end of the trail (5 or 6 miles in) which is by the glacier. We didn't make it that far. It was an incredible hike and I think we went about 1/2 way so I'm looking forward to an opportunity to see the rest of the trail. As soon as we get the rest of our camping gear from Fairbanks maybe we'll even see about renting the cabin for an overnight.

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