Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Weekend with Oso

I mentioned before that we had a house guest last weekend. One of Tim's co-workers had to go to Anchorage for a shoot and asked if we'd watch her dog, Oso for a couple of nights. We've been hiking with Terry and Oso and he's been over to the house a couple of times so it seemed like it might work out just fine.

He's a nice dog and has good manners especially around other dogs. In fact that's one thing I've noticed about most of the dogs we've met on our walks - they all have very good manners. I think it might be because there are so many places you can take your dog off-lease so they are more used to being socialized around other dogs. Often they will walk right past each other or stop and give a good sniff and then move on. Its great! The only time there might be an issue is when there's a stick, ball, frisbee, or other throwing object that grabs everyone's attention! Or maybe its the breeds of dogs that you'll find here. There are a lot of goldens, labs, and many breeds from the hunting and sporting groups, and mixed breeds.

Oso is a Chow mix: he's got a blackish tongue and some red down her back. Oso means "bear" in spanish and he does look a little like a little bear.

Anyway, we had a nice weekend full of a couple different walk - mostly to the beach just down the road. Right after you go through the Treadwell Mine area you can cut down to the beach and walk on the beach - I guess all the way around Douglas Island. We didn't want to do that – but we did walk quite a ways down to a small cluster of cabins, some pretty large.

I found I nice spot to sit - a southeast alaskan love seat!

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