Friday, June 22, 2007

restaurant review #10

We recently met some friends for dinner at the restaurant in the Goldbelt Hotel along Eagan Highway downtown. The restaurant is called "Zen" and yep, you guessed it they serve food with an asian flare. It was friday night but the place wasn't crowded and we had a quiet table in the corner so we could talk. The decor was very nice and the table settings looked clean. We noticed that the chopsticks were stainless steal so I was hoping for sticky rice.

As you can see on their web site they have quite a choice and between the six of us we ordered quite a variety: Thai curry Shrimp, tofu and black mushroom stir fry, Kung pao chicken, shrimp with veggies, and Gen Tao's chicken. I think the Generals was my favorite - a little sweet and a little spicy. It was served with crisp broccoli. YUM. The tofu and black mushroom stir-fry was also pretty good.

They have a lunch special for $9 that includes and entree, miso soup or hot and sour soup, and
rice which sounds like a pretty good deal. I'd like to try the Szechuan String Beans and the sesame chicken.

So I give it a thumbs up for another try but we'll have to save up our nickels because like other dining experiences in Juneau, its on the pricey side.

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