Saturday, July 5, 2008

Close to Eagles

We woke up the other morning to find a visitor at the front window - too bad he (or she) wasn't sitting close to Cappy! We saw the adult sitting in the same spot later in the day but he took off before I could take a picture.

We have two sets of adults who hang out here in the winter and have each claimed a tree on either side of the house. I'm not sure they have nests there - its too hard to tell. But we normally see them in the late afternoon and evening.

This year each set has had two youngsters so in the evenings its not unusual to see 8 eagles flying around the house – 4 with white heads and 4 juvys. Especially since one of our neighbors is an avid (and successful) fisherman and often brings home salmon and throws the scrapes out on the beach and another one brings home totes of whole salmon and smokes them. He probably throws scrapes out too.

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