Wednesday, July 9, 2008

New Hike - Gastineau Meadows

A new trail opened up last fall and we didn't get a chance to explore it until recently. We weren't exactly sure where the trailhead left the road up to one of the water towers on Douglas Island but after checking a few potential breaks in the woods it became very clear where the trail was . There's an organization in town called, Trail Mix, that works on a lot of the trails around here. They have special projects and have paid and volunteer help. I'm pretty sure that the trail to Gastineau Meadows (look for Gastineau Meadows) was one of their projects last year.

As you leave Crow Hill Road you go through a chained gate that protects the road to one of the water towers. The trailhead is marked by two large boulders (ah ha...this must be where the trail head is!). The trail is made up of crushed rock and quite wide. It would be perfect for bikes! After maybe 1 1/2 miles you come to a fork - where the Treadwell ditch crosses the trail. If you go left (south) you go towards Paris Creek. The trail is very pretty and there were lots of salmonberry bushes in blossom - we'll have to check back in about a month and see if there are any berries. The trail gets washed out after a ways and unless you want to be adventurous you might want to turn around like we did!

Isn't this pretty - we noticed it at the top of the meadows (sorry its a bit out of focus). Its called Lapland Rosebay. Its a delicate little pink flower and the leaves look a lot like rosemary. Its the small plant of the Rhododendron family.

and look at this...YES blue sky! Its possible in SE Alaska to see blue sky!

If you go right (north) you head towards Lawson Creek. The trail gets a little muddy here and there but it wasn't too bad. We had our lunch at the creek which was actually a lot bigger than I expected. most of the creeks around here are pretty small. I understand that there was a bridge here in the 80s but it got washed out in a flood.

Here's Tim at Lawson Creek. It would make a really nice place to camp if you were so inclined!

The walk back to town was really quick - all downhill!

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