Friday, July 25, 2008

Interesting Links

Here are some interesting links that I come across lately. Some of them I found and some of them came from my network of friends and colleagues.

So you have that new ipod - what else can you do with it besides just listen to your favorite tunes? Check out some of these ideas - who knew it could be so handy! Thanks to Carol for adding it to her bookmark list. The list includes study guides and tutorials like SAT-prep, auditory and video notes and reviews, links to audio books, some applications that help use your ipod along with some support software.
Make you Mac sing using terminal commands:
Walking Directions now available in Google Maps
I tried this from our house to a house for sale that we are going to go look at in Thane. They didn't give any walking directions. I also asked for directions from my sister's house on 8th and Kellum to the CDE office and got a pretty good route to walk. Its about 3.2 miles and says it would take 1 hour and 3 minutes. I guess if I had to walk I'll meet Sage at the bus stop.

Printable ruler - every find yourself without a meauring tool while sitting at your computer? Here's a site that has many different kinds of rulers.

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naomi lynn said...

Wow! I just had to buy an iPod for work, so now I am forced to use it... I had already been hoping to get some French and Mandarin language programs, but had no idea what I could really do with this thing. Thanks for being so techno-savvy for me!

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