Wednesday, July 23, 2008

For Sale...again

We sold our camper about a year ago - it was a hard decision but we really needed to do it. When we thought back on how many nights we had sent inside on the very comfortable bed, how many miles we traveled in it and all the great times we had with Saba, with our family, and with our I said, it was a hard decision but we had to do it.

So we were really surprised to see this flyer at the grocery store! They put it on an old truck bed and made it into a pull-along! Looks like they added a port-a-potty. We had one when we got it but got rid of it soon after - rather go in the woods!

So we bought it in 97 for $1000 made several improvements and sold it for $1000. Does adding a trailer axle add $500? Of course we know that we sold it for a great deal - it was more important that we find a good home for it.

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