Thursday, February 12, 2009

Full Circle Farms is coming to Fairbanks

…or has been coming and I just heard about it! There are several pick-up areas around town with several at the university. I found it interesting that certain sites are limited to only those employees or users of the facility. I never noticed it set up that way in Juneau but I checked out the Anchorage pick-up sites and its the same there.

We have enjoyed getting these fresh organic produce boxes each week. The selections they make and the alternative choices you get each week seem to be a good mix and there seems to be quite a variety from week to week. I'm not sure how the price/box would compare to getting organic veggies at a local store in Fairbanks. The price for a weekly small box is $48. To me, the prices on produce is less in Fairbanks then down here and we pay $42 for a weekly small box.

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Anonymous said...

Oh - I am going to check into this. Thanks Heidi.
The last time I looked into this (some time ago butl inked from a knitting blog!) there was no place in FAI.


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