Monday, February 16, 2009

I always miss the excitment!

from Tim this a.m:

I saw a pod of harbor porpoise come up the channel by the house. About ten minutes later a large pod of killer whales came up stalking them. The orca fanned out in a hunting party kind of deal. For about an hour there were various hunting and hiding activities. The porpoises ended up right by the house, in shallow water, stopped and not making any noise hoping the whales would go by.

It was pretty much like National Geographic except I didn't see a kill. Much later the whales were grouped up and doing the gang swimming activity around the basin off of downtown. People were stopped on the bridge watching them. I don't know if they ate the porpoises or not. I didn't see the porpoise pod again after they slunk down out of the shallows by the house and quietly swam away. They didn't surface.

I spent about an hour on the deck watching. The battery on the camera was dead.

Walter Hickel was wrong... You CAN just let nature run wild.

Juneau Empire Photos


naomi lynn said...

Amazing that they were literally downtown! We don't get that in Seattle.. Thanks for including the video links--I bet that was an amazing sight! Does it happen often in the winter? I would imagine in the summer there is too much boat traffic.

Heidi Olson said...

It seems like winter and late fall are the times when I've seen the orcas in the channel. I agree that summer would probably be too busy for them.

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