Monday, February 23, 2009

Restaurant Review #16

I was just up in Fairbanks for a week in the office. On my way home I had a long layover in Anchorage and my sister and family took me to a restaurant downtown in a little pink house called the Gumbo House. It wasn't quite New Orleans, but it was pretty tasty. I had the kitchen sink gumbo (lots of chicken, shrimp, oysters) and have endured the heart burn with pleasure but my sister and niece had the jambalaya and it would definitely be my choice if I were to visit again. My bro-in-law and other niece had a Po'Boy which also looked very good although maybe a little messy. Portions were ample.

I think my bowl of gumbo was about $8 and it came with 2 scoops of rice. There was also a choice of ordering a bucket which must have been huge! I also had a corn muffin (nothing to drool over) and I couldn't finish it all.

So if you're in the area – stop by for some cajun! Its a great way to celebrate Fat Tuesday!

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