Friday, February 27, 2009

Various Knitting projects

Tisha sent this pattern for a bike helmet earband and I immediate made one for Tim. This is made with a washable wool (cascade 220) from some leftovers from some fingerless gloves I made years ago. I think I will add a snap or maybe some velcro on the ear flap to keep it closed.

I also received this beautiful hand-dyed yarn from Ginny! Its South West Trading Company Tofutsies. Here's what one reseller says:

"Tofutsies" Yarn

For all you sock lovers who enjoy colorful combos & unique fibers, we have in stock "Tofutsies" sock yarn from South West Trading Company. Who knew that you could use chitin (made from shrimp & crab shells) to create wonderfully soft & durable fiber? Leave it to the yarn innovators at SWTC to add it to superwashed wool & traditional cotton plus Soysilk, South West's trademarked fiber made from tofu byproducts. The result is a terrific sock yarn with antibacterial properties. Made of 50% superwash wool, 25% soysilk, 22.5% cotton & 2.5% chitin.

Interesting Note: Scientists have found this type of chitin to be very compatible with human tissue and helpful in accelerating the healing of wounds.

Ginny dyed this hank herself! Itsn't she awesome! I can't wait to knit it up!

The scarf is made from Rainbow Boucle varigated yarn - Multi-directional scarf made up of small triangles to give the varigated pattern a different look.

This was a fun pattern to make. Bigger needles would result in a more lacy pattern. I was afraid that the fringe would quickly unravel so I crocheted little loops on the end.


Tisha said...

Great job on the "bike helmet earband"! You will have to let me know how well they work.

Heidi Olson said...

I just finished knitting up another headband using self-striping sock yarn. The following changes to the pattern should be made to accommodate the thinner yarn:

Cast on 24 stitches and K1, P1 for 6 rounds.

Increase until you have about 68 stitches then K1, P1 ribbing for 8 rounds. Cast off 34 stitches.

Then on the other side of the earband do the reverse.

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