Friday, February 13, 2009

We had a nice sunny walk today at the airport dike. The temperature has dropped a little so we're seeing ice crystals forming on top of the snow that we had earlier in the week. I think it snowed about 6 inches in a couple of days and then it warmed up a little, and then it dropped again. It feels pretty good with the solar heat touching us but its only in the mid-20s.

Can you pick out any animals in the snow crystals? I think I see a cupid…

Happy Valentines Day!


naomi lynn said...

Thanks for the beautiful pics. Even though I have seen a lot of snow, I haven't seen crystals like that before. I wonder if there is a word for it in Tlingit or Athabascan or something?

Heidi Olson said...

Oh, there are probably several words in all the native languages - you could look here: language dictionary

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