Monday, February 16, 2009

Geology of National Parks

Anyone wanting an entertaining and informative opportunity to learn more about the Geology of National Parks should check out the Open CourseWare opportunity offered by Penn State. The online course content for GEOS 10 - Geology of National Parks is out there for you to look at without having to pay tuition. Complete with video lectures, virtual tours, some guitar! Lots of good content to ready and look through. If anything go here to see and hear the Rock (it is a geology class) Video Reviews. I did have some problems seeing the video lectures, but once I downloaded the browser plug-in I was good to go.

This was passed on by one of UAF's faculty who we've been working with at CDE on an online oceans studies course. We hope to one day open the course up as Penn State has, as an open courseware course but we have many details to figure out (like copyright).

What a fun class to have worked on! To get to visit a bunch of National Parks and hike around–that doesn't sound like too much work to me!

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