Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Granite Creek-Perserverance Trail

Back in Oct Tim and I took off on a Friday afternoon hike up towards Granite Creek Trail off the Perseverance Trail. There were some clouds but it was a relatively dry day compared to the rest of October. Because of all the rainfall, water was coming out from everywhere! This was along the higher cliff as we walked along the Perseverance trail gaining elevation and overlooking Gold Creek.

There's been some trail work here this year and they have widened the trail, trying to stabilize some of the landslide areas. So a lot of boulders and debris have fallen down the steep slopes. Some of the large boulders have actually changed the look of the creek. There are now some nice large pools of water where they weren't before. This is looking down towards Gold Creek and Ebner Falls.

We took the Granite Creek turn and continued to climb up and over to the next little valley where Granite Creek runs. Then the clouds started to collect, the temperature dropped, and we started seeing snow patches from last winter that hadn't melted yet. And then it started to rain.

We reached the creek and had to bypass this ice bridge to continue on up the trail.

And then it started to snow. We were soaked and decided to head back to town before the sun went down.

Google Map - look for Granite Creek

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