Friday, November 28, 2008

Tiger Tape

I've recently been introduced to Tiger Tape: a reusable measuring tape you can apply to fabric. I purchased the 1/4" wide tape and have been using it to provide me with a straight line so that I can hand sew some seams for a project I'm working on. Before I got the tape, I marked the fabric with a fabric pencil which didn't work very well and then resorted to using an ink pen. This worked fine but I always worried about the markings showing up on the front side. And it look time to measure from the edge to make a score and then draw the seam line.

If only I had this when I was putting together 6 foot pieces of fabric for the quilt - marking the seams would have been a snap!

Other uses I could see for this time would be for embroidery projects where you wanted to mark some lines at a specific distance apart.

Or how about for doing a blanket stitch or for hand quilting and much more!

Since you can reuse the tape you can cut specific distances that work for you. I was able to use 1 piece of tape about 8 times before the stray threads adhered to the tape and the stuckum was gone.

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