Wednesday, November 12, 2008

North Tee Harbor Loop Trail

Tee Harbor (google map - look for North Tee Harbor Loop Trail) is a cool place that offers a long of coast and a protected area for your boat. We've looked at a couple of cabins here but the price is too much for what you get. I don't think we're alone in our thinking because they are still on the market after several months. The loop actually started on a dirt road that leads to a bed and breakfast called the Williwaws. Once we got to the water line there was a lovely view of South Tee Harbor and Favorite Channel. We stopped and watched the sea lions, mergansers, loon, harlequin ducks, scooters, buffelhead, goldeneyes, and gulls. There's a really nice bench right by a marine light where you can sit and look out into Favorite Channel. It was here that we were able to find the forest trail so we headed back to where we left the car through the woods. The trail was a lot more fun than the road and there was interesting woodsy stuff to look at.

It was nice of Fish and Game to alert us that there was a nest on this tree:

But I don't think anyone's home anymore. There wasn't and feathers or bones on the ground either.

The trail felt like we were going farther down the coast then where we parked so at one point when we thought we knew where the road was we cut across. We had overshot the turnaround where we parked out car by about 1/8 mile. I image the trail continued down the coast until it ran into private property.

Fun spot to come back to for a picnic, bird watching, or maybe salmon fishing.

Favorite Channel Beach Access
It look a bit of looking around but we found this beach access very close to a house that we looked at to buy. We actually really liked the house, thought the price was too high and were making plans to go back for a second look and think about making an offer when our REALTOR told us that they had just gotten an offer on it. Oh well, wasn't meant to be.

So now we know where this beach access is and we can still enjoy the view - just not from our own deck!

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