Wednesday, November 19, 2008

So we follow the fortune cookie, right?

Tim and I had lunch on Friday at Dragon Inn in Lemon Creek. We had been here for dinner when we first moved to Juneau and thought we should give it another try. They meal was decent for ordering "lunch specials." We got a bowl of soup with rice and entree: we split pork tenderloin with a sweet and sour sauce and General Tsao's Chicken - nothing special about the taste or the portion. The soup was very good - Tim had the hot and sour and I had a seafood soup. It came it a huge bowl. The soup plus the dim sum platter we ordered was really all I needed! The dim sum platter had fried egg roll, dumplings, jalapenos with a pork middle (yum), terriyaki beef (pretty chewey), and steamed shrimp sho mao (yum). There were only about 4 tables with people but it looked like the restaurant were doing a pretty good takeout business.

We had just looked at a house that we were thinking about making an offer on so were really scratching our heads when we read our fortunes in our cookies!

Opportunity knocks on your door tomorrow! Act Soon!

Be prepared to modify your plan.

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