Monday, November 17, 2008

Interesting Links

Here are some resources that I've come across lately that might be interesting to others:

21 Century Technology Tools: Tutorial for Teachers
Tutorial on how to get started using google docs (word, spreadsheet, presentation, gmail), voicethreads, ning, delicious and diigo. One thing that is missing is why you would want to use these tools. It obvious why you might want to use google docs but some of the other tools aren't explained very well. If anyone has questions we should talk about it.

This is a cool site feed tool you can add to your blog - I've added it to the sidebar and you can see who is looking at the blog - where they come from, how they got there and in come cases which link they followed to leave.

I'm hooked on this site and get fed an almost continuous dose of delicious-looking images of food and recipes. I check my RSS feed several times a day and drool my way through the list. There's always something that I have to bookmark for a future meal.

Google Trends
I got this from Curt when he showed it at a meeting where he entered distance learning, distance education, online learning, open courseware, and maybe something else. What this does is reviews all searches people made using google over the last 5 years and based on your search words plots out a trend of the words and counts the physical locations. If you use Curt's word then you'll see that the majority of the searches for these topics came from India. Now, if I were thinking about starting up an online business I would find this very interesting!

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