Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Taking advantage of the Sunshine

When the sun is out and you don't want to drive a long way for a walk the best place to go is the Airport Dike. Its a relatively short trail and there almost always someone else here and on a sunny day it can be packed. But its a great way to soak up some of the eliusive rays.

Depending on the tide you can venture out into the flats and walk towards the channel so there are places to go where there aren't too many people. We don't mind the dike trail on a sunny day. You always see interesting dogs and often you run into someone you know or recognize.

There a covered bench at a little past mid-way and then an upper and lower trail that continues on to the end of the runway. Its a great place to look back towards town and see Mt Juneau.

And heading back towards the car you can see Mt McGinnis and the Mendenhall Glacier on the right. This is the Mendenhall River that flows into the channel.

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Carol Gering said...

Nice photos! Beautiful reflection on the lake!

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