Thursday, November 27, 2008

Ready for Thanksgiving

I received some Persimmons in the food box and then found this recipe for Cranberry Persimmon Sauce through Tastespotting. I grew up with cranberry sauce made from lowbush cranberries and can't image using anything else. You can't find these berries down here so i've been trying to come up with another option. This sounded like a good plan and I've made some sauce to take with us to Sitka for the Holiday. I didn't have any star anise so I substituted 1/4 t clove and I think it turned out quite good!

I never remember having this fruit growing up–and I give thanks for being introduced to it!


Anonymous said...

In one place I lived in California we had a persimmon tree in the front yard. It was extremely prolific and looked beautiful when in full fruit. Ours were a much darker orange than the picture. You need to be sure they are ripe or you won't enjoy them nearly as much!

Heidi Olson said...

I've learned that there are two kinds of persimmon: Fuyu, the kind you can eat right away, and the Hachiya, the kind you can't. I think the Hachiya are the deeper orange ones and they say there shouldn't be any green on them and when they aren't ripe they are so very bitter.

It seems like the Fuyu aren't bad even when green and they seem to keep quite awhile.

I used the Fuyu and I had them in the fridge for at least 2 weeks. And they still felt firm.

This was helpful:

Heidi Olson said...

Tim's Mom and I had some sauce with our Smoked Turkey for Thanksgiving. I thought the sauce was pretty good. It tasted a lot like those candies crabapples they used to serve as a garnish on your dinner plate in a restaurant. I think my first experience with them was at the Hideaway or maybe Club 11.

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